Our Story


It started in early 2021 when my Mom & I began discussing the struggles of finding sustainable, long lasting baby wear. My Mama, Karen, who is also my business partner and co-founder of Azura Baby Inc, would tell me she found it really hard to shop for my boys, her grandsons! [Macklin & Mickey, are my two amazing little guys, whom are also the inspiration behind our brand]. We talked about the difficulties of finding fabrics like bamboo, where it offered amazing benefits, and things like how we could never find sleepers with fold over feet options! That's when it occurred to us that we could design our own brand and bring to life the things we think parents would love! Our idea for the fold over foot as well as mitts option was to offer that up to 24 months. We absolutely love the benefits bamboo has to offer, and truth be told, we wish our bamboo apparel line came in our sizes too! 

As a single mama of 2 young boys, I wanted to make sure that I could create a brand that would empower others to chase after their dreams as well! When my mom and I started discussing options for our brand name, I told her that I really wanted to incorporate my two little boys. The boys have bright blue eyes so when we began brainstorming, we searched words that described the colour blue, just like their eyes. That is where the term 'Azura' came from, it translates to "sky blue" in Spanish. Which brings me to our logo, our iconic EYE - the meaning behind our logo is exactly that, of an eye. However, when discussing with our brand creator [@sweeneycurations] we noticed that it creates an illusion as a sky horizon with a moon. It brings all things baby, together. This is exactly how we envisioned Azura Baby Inc being born, and we want to be the reason that YOUR baby is born with style. 


With love,

Brittany & Karen

[& my boys, Macklin & Mickey]